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Home » Caring for Your 2″x6″ HD Lace Closure: Tips and Best Practices

Caring for Your 2″x6″ HD Lace Closure: Tips and Best Practices

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Caring for Your 2"x6" HD Lace Closure: Tips and Best Practices

Welcome to the world of HD lace closures! Your new 2×6 HD lace closure has some unique features and benefits. In this article, we will explore how to maximize the full potential of your new HD lace closure.

One of the most asked questions about 2×6 HD Lace Closure wigs is if you need to bleach them when they arrive.

It is advised not to bleach your new HD lace closure. When you purchase the 2×6 HD lace closure, try to find one as close to your scalp color as possible. Many of the 2×6 HD lace closures sold today are transparent, and your scalp color is simply shown through the delicate HD lace. You can color your hair and 2x6HDlaceclosure if you need to, but try to avoid bleaching, as this can reduce the life span of the lace closure.

The routine maintenance of your 2×6 HD lace closure is required.

We will first note that there are a few items you should try and acquire with or shortly after you receive your new 2×6 HD lace closure. These items will make taking care of your lace closure easier and help it remain in good repair for as long as possible.

  1. Wig brush and/or comb. The virgin hair on your 2×6 HD lace closure is tied with a delicate knot to the lace individual hair by individual hair. If you use a brush or comb that pulls aggressively, your HD lac closure can lose its hair. Instead, use styling tools designed for wigs. A wide-toothed styling comb and pick can be used if you cannot find a wig brush.
  2. A wig stand or mannequin head. You need somewhere safe to rest when you are not wearing your 2×6 HD lace closure. If you keep it in a box, it can often be neglected and damaged. Instead, use a wig stand or mannequin head designed to keep your lace closure safe.
  3. Shampoo & conditioner safe for your 2×6 HD lace closure wig. Many of the ingredients in shampoo and conditioners sold today have ingredients that can damage or shorten the life span of your HD lace closure. Avoid any shampoo or conditioner that has alcohol or sulfates.
  4. Styling products that are safe for your 2×6 HD lace closure wig. Hairspray and mousse can help keep you looking your best, even on the busiest days. However, selecting one that is too strong can leave excessive residue and reduce how long your HD lace closure will last. Also, like with shampoo and conditioner, steer clear of any with either alcohol or sulfates because both can damage the HD lace.
  5. Styling tools specific for your 2×6 HD lace closure. These might seem odd initially, but we will cover how and when to use them later in this article. A white eyeliner pencil sharpened to a fine point. Makeup concealer that closely matches your scalp coloring. Sharp fabric scissors.
  6. Detangling spray. Many times, despite our best efforts, our hair gets tangled. This is true of your 2×6 HD lace closure wig and your own hair. This often-overlooked problem has ruined many lace closures over the years. Using detangling spray can help prevent damage to the delicate knots holding the hair in place.
  7. Hair oil. Over time, the ends of the hairs on a 2×6 HD lace closure wig can develop split ends. These can be prevented or reduced by applying hair oil every two weeks. In very arid climates, it might need to be done weekly.

Before you style or wash and before bed, the 2×6 HD lace closure needs some gentle attention.

Brush or comb the 2×6 HD lace closure. Never pull or tug on knots or tangles, and work your way gently from crown to end. Avoid combing the lace and begin a half-inch from it. Use detangling spray if needed. This should be done before bed, styling, and washing and conditioning.

Shampoo and conditioning the 2×6 HD lace closure:

When you are ready to shampoo your 2×6 HD lace closure, apply the shampoo to your hands rather than directly on the hair. Then, apply your fingers to the 2×6 HD lace closure, running your fingers through your hair. Rinse well, ensuring there are no suds left behind.

When you apply the conditioner, allow it to rest on the hair for at least ten minutes. This will allow hair to absorb the conditioner and moisturize the 2×6 HD lace closure. Rinse well after ten minutes.

Shampoo every seven to ten days for daily wear. In dirty or dusty environments, the frequency might need to be increased.

Allow air to dry, and only use a blow dryer when absolutely necessary. Keep the temperature low or medium, but not higher. A heat protectant spray for wigs should be applied before blow drying is attempted.

Increase the realism offered by your 2×6 HD lace closure wig.

Bushy hairlines are a dead giveaway that you’re wearing a wig. When you receive your 2×6 HD lace closure wig, it will probably have an almost bushy hairline. This can be fixed by simply plucking some of the hair. Your goal is for it to match your hairline on either side of it once installed.

Blend the hairline on each side of your 2xg HD lace closure wig.

Your new HD lace closure wig extends six inches from front to back, and a hairline is along both sides. That hairline needs to blend with your existing hairline and scalp. For this step, use the concealer we discussed earlier that matches your scalp coloring.

Using a child’s toothbrush or a cotton Q-tip, apply the concealer along the lace on both sides of the 2×6 HD lace closure wig. You want to blend that lace to match your skin coloring.

You can use a white eyebrow pencil to draw a line along both sides of the brow to mark where to apply the concealer.

You should refrain from doing a few things with your 2×6 HD lace closure wig.

Avoid swimming, as the chlorine in pools can damage the delicate HD lace.

If you are going to sleep in your 2×6 HD lace closure wig, be sure to wrap a scarf, either silk or nylon, around your hair. This will help protect your HD lace closure from friction damage and extra knots.

Want to learn more tips and tricks with your 2X6 HD lace closure wig?

I enjoy asking my questions in person at a local storefront. The Private Label hairstores have a few locations near me, and they might have one or two near you as well.