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How To Prepare for Coolsculpting in Calgary

How To Prepare for Coolsculpting in Calgary

Considering a non-surgical body contouring treatment to enhance your physique? If you’re in Calgary, preparing for a CoolSculpting procedure involves several important steps to ensure optimal results. From understanding your aesthetic goals to knowing what to expect, preparation is key.

Before your treatment, it’s essential to wear comfortable clothing to ensure a relaxed experience. Stay well-hydrated, and avoid consuming highly processed foods the day before. Your practitioner may also recommend using cold compresses or wearing compression garments post-treatment to ease any discomfort.

For those exploring coolsculpting in Calgary, consulting a professional will help tailor the treatment to your specific needs. Beacon Dermatology offers customized plans for their clients, guiding them every step of the way to redefine their curves effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Preparation is essential for effective CoolSculpting results.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and stay hydrated before the procedure.
  • Consult a professional to tailor the treatment to your needs.

Understanding Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is an innovative, non-surgical treatment designed to reduce fat cells through controlled cooling. It was approved by Health Canada and is safe and effective for targeting specific areas.

The Science of Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is the science behind Coolsculpting, leveraging controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate fat cells. The process applies cooling technology to the skin, freezing fat cells underneath without damaging surrounding tissues. Over time, the frozen fat cells die and are naturally processed and removed by the body.

This method is precise and targets only fat cells, which are more susceptible to cold than other cells. This makes Coolsculpting a unique and refined solution for body contouring.

Coolsculpting Treatment Areas

Coolsculpting can be used to target multiple areas of the body. Commonly treated areas include the abdomen, thighs, flanks (love handles), back fat, and the area under the chin. Each area can be specifically addressed through applicators designed to contour to the body’s curves.

For instance, to reduce a double chin, a smaller applicator may be used, while larger pads are employed for the abdomen. The versatility of Coolsculpting makes it suitable for various areas needing fat reduction.

Safety and Efficacy

The treatment has been approved by Health Canada as safe and effective. It is non-invasive, involving no needles, surgery, or downtime. Clinical studies have shown that Coolsculpting can reduce fat in the treated area by up to 20-25% after one session.

Patients can return to regular activities immediately. The procedure is performed under medical supervision, ensuring that it meets high safety standards and delivers consistent results.

Potential Side Effects

Though generally safe, Coolsculpting can cause some side effects. Common effects include temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, or cramping at the treated area. These symptoms typically resolve on their own within a few days to weeks.

Rarely, some individuals may experience more severe side effects such as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, where fat cells in the treated area grow larger rather than smaller. Consultation with a medical professional can help identify and mitigate these risks.

Preparing for Your Coolsculpting Procedure

Understand the necessary steps to ensure a smooth Coolsculpting experience, from initial consultation to the day of treatment. Focus on clear communication with your clinic and properly preparing your body.

Initial Consultation

The first step involves scheduling a consultation with a certified Coolsculpting provider in Calgary. During this session, the provider will discuss your aesthetic goals and examine the target areas. They will assess your suitability for the treatment and explain the procedure’s benefits and potential side effects.

A detailed treatment plan will be created based on your specific needs. Clear instructions will be provided on how to prepare for your upcoming sessions. This may include lifestyle adjustments or preliminary tasks to optimize your treatment outcomes.

Pre-Treatment Assessment

In the days leading up to your appointment, a pre-treatment assessment will be performed. This involves a thorough review of your medical history and any current medications. Providing accurate information helps ensure a safe and effective experience.

The assessment may also include measuring the fat layer in the targeted areas. Staying hydrated, avoiding alcohol, and maintaining a balanced diet are typically advised. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing on the day of the procedure can enhance your comfort during and after the treatment.

What to Expect on Treatment Day

On the day of your Coolsculpting session, arrive at the clinic well-prepared. Your provider will place a gel pad and applicator on the selected treatment area to protect your skin and target fat cells. The process usually lasts between 35 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated.

Patients are encouraged to bring a book, laptop, or electronic device to pass the time during treatment. Eating a light meal before the session is also recommended to maintain energy levels. Ensuring you have some flexibility in your schedule post-treatment allows for any immediate rest or minor adjustments needed.

By following these steps, you can help ensure a successful and comfortable Coolsculpting experience in Calgary.


Preparing for CoolSculpting in Calgary involves several important steps. Patients should stay hydrated, wear comfortable clothing, and possibly use compression garments. Consulting with healthcare professionals for a personalized plan can optimize the treatment’s effectiveness. Following these guidelines helps ensure a smooth experience and the best possible results.